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Lending Library

Curated by Dena Beard
February 5 – March 5, 2010

The Royal NoneSuch Gallery is pleased to present Lending Library, a group exhibition curated by Dena Beard, featuring tools, materials, and resources from artists Anthony Discenza, Lydia Greer, Desiree Holman, Trevor Paglen, Matthew Rana, Sunaura Taylor, and Andrew Rottner.

Comprised of source materials, Lending Library takes a chance to display a line of inquiry rather than a finished object. Michel Foucault said, “dreams are no longer summoned with eyes closed, but in reading; and a true image is now a product of learning.” The seven artists included in the exhibition demonstrate the labor intrinsic to this learned image, making available their visual experiments and scholarly research. These personal libraries bear witness to the conceptual undercurrents the artists’ projects but also to the aesthetic process of folding pages, scribbling in margins, and other devices of reclaiming information. Lending Library gives us a glimpse onto the research and experiments that inform artistic discovery and opens these source materials for public access.